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Blade Printers 2009 Satnav Dusters

Put that "New Car Smile" back on to your customers faces........every time they have a cuppa!

These personalised mugs are an ideal customer care gift - one that keeps on giving. Imagine your customers faces when a mug, printed with a photo of their vehicle handover (and your logo/message), arrives on their doorstep - roughly a week after taking delivery of their new pride and joy.

With every brew made, their thoughts will go back to that special time and the amazing service they received from your company.

Each mug is individually designed, printed and delivered direct to your customers addresses. We use one of the best sublimation mugs on the market along with quality, branded inks - this guarantees many years of mug usage. They'll go through a dishwasher with ease and fading won't be a problem either. These mugs will prove to be an extremely cost effective promotional item for your company.

Handover Gift Mugs, delivered direct to your customer:

144 x mugs @ £7.50 each (total payable @ £1080.00)

72 x mugs @ £7.75 each (total payable @ £558.00)

36 x mugs @ £8.00 each - (total payable £288.00)

12 x mugs @ £8.25 each - (total payable £99.00)

Pay for 72 or 144 mugs then call them off in smaller qty's - weekly if required (min 12 per wk). We'll keep an eye on your mug credit and notify you when another payment is required.

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